Fees and Finance

Estimated Costs Of Living For International Students

Bangor is "one of the cheapest places in Britain" to be a student (The Independent's A-Z of Universities and Higher Education Colleges).

Market research shows that the cost of living in Bangor is lower than in other parts of the UK and is consistently ranked as one of the most economical places to study in the UK in various cost-of-living surveys.

We estimate that students will require not less than the amount shown below to cover the cost of living and other expenses, however, many students at Bangor are able to live easily on less than what is shown below:

Undergraduate Students: £9,135
Postgraduate Students: £11,000

The British Council has a useful website which can help you calculate your living costs whilst in the UK.

Another useful website which provides information on living costs and allows you to calculate your estimated expenditure can be found at: