Airport Pick-Up Service

Bangor University offer an Airport Pick-Up Service from Manchester Airport for students arriving at our ‘peak times’.

Our next available services:

  • Monday 13 January 2020, 12:00
  • Monday 13 January 2020, 15:00

Step 1: Confirm your travel plans

Please allow 2 hours between your flight arrival time and our coach departure time so that you have time for passport control and luggage collection.

Step 2: Make the online payment

To make the payment go to our online shop and click on the pick-up date that you would like to book.
Note: This step is for payment only, you must also complete the booking form, see Step 3.

Step 3: Complete the Airport Pick-Up Booking Form

To guarantee a place you should complete the online Airport Pick-up Booking Form at least two weeks before the day of the pick-up. We recommend that you return the booking form as soon as you have confirmed your travel plans.

We will accept bookings until the pick-up date if there are still places available.

Step 4: Receive booking confirmation email

Please print the email and bring it with you to ‘check-in’ with the Bangor University representatives at Manchester Airport.

Step 5: Receive arrivals instructions

We hope that a Bangor University representative will be able to meet you in ‘Arrivals’ but this depends on who else books on the airport pick-up service. Therefore, a few days before before the pick-up day, we will email you with clear instructions about where to meet us at the airport. We will also provide a contact telephone number for pick-up day.

Step 6: Arrive at Manchester Airport

Meet our representatives and they will take you to the coach when it is ready. The journey to Bangor will take approximately 2 hours.

Step 7: When you get to Bangor

If you are staying in university accommodation – we will take you to collect your keys and our team will show you to your room.

If you are staying in private accommodation – depending on who else books the airport pick-up service, we may be able to take you to your private accommodation. Alternatively we will help to book a taxi. The cost of the taxi will vary depending on where you will be staying.

Any Questions?

If you have any further questions about your travel plans, contact the International Student Support Office.