While you are in the UK – Travel and Re-entry

You may wish to travel outside the UK while you are studying at Bangor. We would not advise that you travel during term time as that may have an impact on your attendance and Tier 4 visa status. Please note that for postgraduate students term time also includes the summer months. If you do need to travel outside the official University holidays, this should be authorised by your personal tutor or research supervisor. Once the absence is approved by your academic school, you will need to log it on MyBangor (in the Attendance section), and your personal tutor/supervisor will need to notify the Visa Compliance team. Taking these steps before you travel would help the University deal with any issues, should you be stopped and questioned at the UK border when you return. If you are worried about crossing the border outside of the offical holidays, you may also want to obtain a letter from your school confirming that they are aware of your absence.

When re-entering the UK, we advise that you carry the following documents in your hand luggage (even if you travel during the offical University holidays):

  • Your passport
  • Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) if you were issued one
  • Cerificate of student registration confirming that you are a student at Bangor University. You can request this from the Student Administration team.
  • Evidence of TB Certificate (if applicable)
  • Any evidence to prove you have funds for living costs in the UK, e.g. bank statements (no need to have a specific amount).
  • Police Registration Certificate (if you were required to register - please check here). If police registration is a condition of your visa but you forgot to do this when you first arrived, you must register prior to arranging travel. Otherwise, you may encounter problems when crossing the UK border.
  • Any evidence that you have been given consent to be absent from the University, if the travel is happening during term time (please see above).
  • Documents to support any new Tier 4 visa application (e.g. new CAS and financial documents), if your current leave is due to expire soon.

Keeping your Documents Safe

Every year dozens of Bangor University's International students lose their passports and visas while they are abroad. This can lead to students getting stranded in foreign countries unable to re-enter the UK and attend classes, not to mention incurring costs associated with obtaining new documents! It is strongly recommeded that you keep your passport and visa safe while you are travelling. Make photocopies and try to avoid carrying originals with you when you are out and about, unless absolutely necessary. Watch your bags and do not leave them unnatended - remember that tourists often get targeted by pickpocketers in busy locations. We strongly advise that you take out travel insurance that would cover the cost of replacing lost documents.

If you are unlucky enough to have lost your passport and visa abroad, please contact us for advice immediately. You must obtain a police report confirming the loss of documents from the local police station as that will be required for the visa replacement application. Try to obtain a report in English (if available) - this would allow you to save on translation costs.