Accommodation videos

Life in Halls

Bangor offers modern accommodation close to the main university buildings. Find out what our students think about living in Halls...

Frequently Asked Questions about our Halls

Here's a round up of the questions we're often asked about our accommodation - and some helpful answers!

Our Halls include...

Ffriddoedd newer style halls

Take a look around Ffriddoedd Village and view a typical en-suite flat.

St Mary's Village

Harri shows us around his flat in St Mary's Village.

Bryn Eithin

Arturo from Costa Rica takes us on a tour around Bryn Eithi Halls. Bryn Eithin is a standard hall in St Mary's Village.


Ann-Sophie shows us around Reichel Hall on the Ffriddoedd Site. Reichel is a standard hall in Ffriddoedd Village.