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This is Bangor University

Discover what we can offer our international students. You can also watch the video with Arabic or Chinese subtitles.

Our Location

Bangor is situated on the coast of North Wales, between the mountains and the sea.

Discover Bangor University

Bangor is a friendly, convenient and student-centred place to study. Excellent teaching, world-class research, investment in new facilities and a stunning location all make Bangor a fantastic choice for your degree!

The Bangor Student Experience

What's it like to be a student at Bangor University? That's what we asked these students...

Welcome Week - your first week at Bangor!

Ever wondered what happens during the first week at University? Find out more on our Welcome Week website

Welcome Week for International Students

International Students received a warm welcome at Bangor University this Welcome Week

Student Support

We offer a wide range of support services and have student peer guides to help you settle-in during your first week.

Peer Guiding

Peer Guides are there to help you settle in when you first arrive in Bangor and give you advice and support.

Clubs and Societies

Bangor has over 150 clubs and societies on offer so there’s bound to be something to your taste!

Sport at Bangor

Sport plays an important part of the student experience at Bangor University. For more info visit the Canolfan Brailsford website.