Our students

Dr Monalisa Ofure Odibo - Law Alumni

Dr Monalisa Ofure Odibo is originally from Nigeria. Monalisa completed a PhD in Law at Bangor University and is now a Law lecturer at The University of Central Lancashire in Mauritius.

Jonathan Wright - Sociology and Criminology Alumni

Jonathan Wright, Global Managing Director at Dow Jones in Hong Kong, shares his experience of studying Sociology and Criminology at Bangor University, and explains how studying at Bangor helped him achieve his goals.

Van Anh Le - Alumni student

Van Anh Le is originally from Vietnam. Van studied a Masters in International Commercial and Business Law and then a PhD in Intellectual Property Law at Bangor University. She is now a Teaching Fellow at Durham Law School.

HELP University - Malaysia students at Bangor University

Jia Yan Yap and Wei Shan Kor are both students at HELP University in Malaysia. They have taken part in a credit transfer programme and are spending the third year of their degree course at the School of Psychology, Bangor University..

Chevening Scholarship Programme - Julius Alejandre

Julius Alejandre from the Philippines talks about the honour of receiving a Chevening Scholarship. Julius will return to the Philippines to further his career in Public Health and Health Promotion.

Chevening Scholarship Programme - Bidhya Sharma

Bidhya Sharma from Nepal talks about studying Wetland Science for Conservation at Bangor as part of her Chevening Scholarship.

Chevening Scholarship Programme - Denis Montadas

Denis Montadas from Cuba talks about receiving a Chevening Scholarship and studying at Bangor Business School.

Chevening Scholarship Programme - Fabian Xochipa

Fabian Xochipa from Mexico talks about studying at Bangor University Law School for his Chevening Scholarship.

Beaconhouse Alumni at Bangor University - Wirdah Gouhar Sharif

Beaconhouse Alumni, Wirdah Gouhar Sharif, sharing her study and living experience at Bangor University. She talks about the ranking, reputation and the amazing location of the University.

Shahabal Shahzad - BSc Accounting and Finance Graduate

Shahabal Shahazad has successfully completed Accounting and Finance degree at Bangor University with a 1st class honours. After completing his studies, Shahabal, applied for Entrepreneur visa sponsored by the University to run his business in the UK.

Student Profile: Zirui Feng - Accounting and Finance

Zirui, from Tianjin in China, came to Bangor Business School from one of Bangor University's Chinese partner universities. She is studying an Accounting and Finance degree. Zirui describes her life in Bangor including all the volunteering opportunities she is involved in.

Student Profile: Wenhao Zhang - Accounting and Finance

Wenhao, from China, is a second year Accounting and Finance student. He discusses his course, social activities, and what it is like living in Wales, UK.

ECE Paris Students

Meet ECE Paris students who spent a semester at Bangor University. The students, most of whom have studied Electronic Engineering, tell us what they enjoyed about their time here. (This video is in French)

Exchange Student Experiences 2017

Exchange students from all over the world tell of their experiences and why you should choose to come to Bangor University.

Caterina Mineo - English Literature and Creative Writing - Erasmus Student

Caterina is from Italy. She is studying at Bangor University for six months as an Erasmus student. She tells us what it's like to be an Erasmus student and studying English Literature here at Bangor.

Postgraduate Student Profile - Rokeya Afifa

Rokeya Afifa, from Bangladesh is studying MA Sociology at Bangor University. She tells us why she chose to study at Bangor and what's it like to be a student here.

Kuwaiti students at Bangor

The Official Kuwaiti TV Channel has been to Bangor and met with few Kuwaiti student. Here's what they have to say...

Student Profile: Shuge Zhang - PhD Sport Science

Shuge Zhang, from China, is studying for a PhD in Sport Science at Bangor University. He chats about his life as a Postgraduate International student at Bangor.

Student Profile: Tevita Vahai - MSc Banking and Finance

Tevita from Tonga, is studying MSc Banking and Finance at Bangor Business School. He has received a Chevening scholarship to help with his studies.

Student Profile: Swapnil Bhardwaj - MBA Management

Swapnil, from India, is studying MBA Management. She has received two scholarships to help with her studies, including a £5,000 scholarship from Bangor University.

Student Profile: Constance Bonnefous, ECE Paris Postgraduate Business Student

Constance Bonnefous is a student of ECE Paris. She is a postgraduate student and has spent a semester studying at Bangor Business School.

Graduation 2016 - Arathi Nambiar

International Student Ambassador Arathi, from Inida, tells us how she helped new students settle-in at Bangor.

Graduation 2016 - Nebu George, BA History and Archaeology

Nebu George from Mumbai, India is graduating with a BA in History and Archaeology. Nebu tells us why he chose to study at Bangor University.

Graduation 2016 - Kholoud Alabduljader - PhD Exercise Physiology

PhD graduate Kholoud Alabduljader talks about the six years spent here studying at Bangor University.

A day in the life of a Psychology student

Ever wondered what a typical day for a student is like? Raji is studying psychology and this is just a normal day at university.

Being a student in a new country

Our student vlogger Kayia, from Bermuda, has some tips on studying in a new country and settling in as an international student.

Half way through my degree

Psychology student Raji is mid-way through her degree. She tells us how she's found the first year and a half at university.

Chevening Scholarship Programme - Salohy Andrianofonjatovo

Salohy from Madagascar is studying Environmental and Business Management at Bangor University.

Chevening Scholarship Programme - Edmond Bayisabe

Edmond Bayisabe from Burundi tells us about his experience of studying an LLM in Law and Banking at Bangor University with the Chevening Scholarship Programme.

Chevening Scholarship Programme - Francis Muhire

Francis Muhire from Burundi explains about his time at Bangor University studying International, Commercial and Business Law.

Chevening Scholarship Programme - Moni Benedicte

Moni from Democratic Republic of the Congo studies in Masters in Molecular Biology with Biotechnology.

Chevening Scholarship Programme - Rita Ratsisetraina

Rita from Madagascar is studying for her Masters in Conservation and Land Management at Bangor University with the Chevening Scholarship Programme.

Chevening Scholarship Programme - Sayed Ziwary

Sayed Ziwary from Afghanistan has been studying his Masters in Public Health and Health Promotion at Bangor University with the Chevening Scholarship Programme.

Madhuri Surendra

Madhuri Surendra, MSc Accounting and Finance, Madhuri from India tells us about her life in Bangor as an International student.

Fareed Mohammad

Fareed Mohammad, MSc Electronic Engineering, Fareed from Kuwait tells us about his course, his TV career in Kuwait and life in Bangor.

Fareed Mohammad (Arabic video)

Fareed Mohammad (Arabic video), Profile of Fareed, discussing his course at Bangor University and life as an international student. (This video is in Arabic).