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Beyond Borders

In collaboration with Creative North Wales, Bangor University’s School of Creative Studies & Media is holding a networking event at Pontio on 19 January titled Beyond Borders.

We expect this to be the first of a series of events seeking closer collaborations between the creative industries in N. Wales and beyond and our researchers in the School of Creative Studies & Media, to explore connections and collaborations for projects and funding streams. 

The first event, Beyond Borders, is on the challenges/opportunities facing the creative industries in Wales in an international context. 

In that event, the core idea is to explore connections between delegates and our academic staff, and to identify scope for funded opportunities between academia and the creative industries.

We will consider opportunities within and beyond Wales, collaboration between creative disciplines, and the impact of new technologies on the diverse area of creative and media practice.

To give a sense of what will happen on the day, we’ll hold a couple of talks by Guto Harri (BBC/News International/Liberty Global) and Chris Payne (Quantum Soup).

 We’ll also be hearing from colleagues in our School. We work on areas including the future of publishing, innovation in gaming, emotional AI, privacy and data protection, combatting fake news, new forms of documentary making, and new business strategies in the creative industries in Wales.

Links to sign up to the event are below.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Publication date: 12 January 2018