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Brainy Bangor student takes on the zombies

They often come out at night, and are always on the hunt for more brains – Yes, students and zombies have always had a lot in common.

And this halloween weekend a postgraduate student at the School of Creative Studies and Media will appear in a TV special to discuss the living dead.

The programme Sombis! Byd y Meirw Byw, broadcast on S4C on the 1st of November will explore the connection between zombies and Welsh mythology.

Siôn Griffiths of Bangor University, an expert on horror films in this genre, will discuss the living dead in the context of film and television.

He will appear alongside poet and TV presenter Aneirin Karadog, stand up comic Gary Slaymaker, biochemist Heledd Dafydd, and Minister of religion, Griffith Jones.

"George A. Romero's famous 1968 film 'Night of the Walking Dead' created the genre but its popularity in the last five years or so is mainly down to the American TV series 'The Walking Dead',” said the show’s producer, Sioned Geraint.

"As the genre is re-defined it's possible to look back at aspects of Welsh literature in a different way and see the connections with the living dead."

Sombis! Byd y Meirw Byw will be broadcast on Friday 1 November at 10.00pm.

Publication date: 31 October 2013