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Celtic Media Festival Shortlist

A Bangor University lecturer is on the short list at the annual Celtic Media Festival for his latest documentary. Dr Llion Iwan directed a tribute to master poet Dic Jones following his death in 2009, and which was broadcast on S4C in 2010. Llion lectures in journalism and documentary film at the School of Creative Studies and Media.

"What is pleasing for me is that this was the first documentary that I directed after completing my practice led resarch into the field. My academic research changed the creative method that I approach my work and meant this was a very different film to one that I would have made even three years ago. It demonstrates the benefits of research and that it can be used to bring industry and academia closer together. I look forward to opportunities to discuss my working methods with directors from the industry.
"Personally it was an honour to work on the programme, Dic Jones knew my grandfather and learnt his craft of poetry with my great uncle."
The annual festival showcases the best programmes made in any language in the Celtic countries, and will be held in Scotland next month. Dr Iwan has won international awards for his documentary films which include the Royal Television Society.

Publication date: 14 March 2011