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Jewishness and the Holocaust in Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket

Professor Nathan Abrams of the School of Creative Studies and Media has been invited to present a lecture on Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket at JW3: Jewish Community Centre London tomorrow (18 January). Prof Abrams is an international expert on Kubrick and his films and is a leading authority on the cinematic portrayals of Jews and Jewishness.

Released in 1987, Full Metal Jacket focuses on a group of young US Marines, from their dehumanising training at Parris Island to the claustrophobic brutality of war-torn Vietnam. Now considered a classic, the film was directed, produced and co-written by Kubrick.

Speaking ahead of the event, Prof Abrams said:

"On the eve of the film's thirtieth anniversary, I'll be speaking about how Full Metal Jacket addresses two of Stanley Kubrick long-standing concerns, Jewishness and the Holocaust, two themes that are rarely connected to the film since it is set in Vietnam in 1968. Nonetheless, Kubrick slips these messages beneath the surface of the film, and I'll be explaining how."

Publication date: 17 January 2017