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Katherine Jenkins wowed by Bangor’s musical heritage on Songs of Praise

Bangor’s medieval musical heritage and the university’s academic expertise were given an opportunity to shine on an episode of Songs of Praise on Sunday.

The episode featured a segment on the Bangor Pontifical, a precious religious artefact kept in the archive of Bangor University.

Dr. Sally Harper, Honorary Research Fellow at Bangor’s School of Music and Media, guided presenter Katherine Jenkins through the book and even sung part of the music contained therein.

The segment was filmed in Bangor University’s stunning Shankland Room at the University library.

Katherine Jenkins declared the book a “treasure” and that the music was “more complicated than I thought it was going to be”.

The Bangor Pontifical belonged to the Bishop of Bangor and dates to 700 years ago. A beautiful illumination at the beginning of the book shows a bishop consecrating a church. 

The book also features humorous graffiti drawn in the margin by scribes.

The segment can be watched hereand begins at 25 minutes into the programme.

Publication date: 2 July 2019