Kubrick on the set of Barry Lydon

Bangor Professor publishes new Kubrick biography

Nathan Abrams, Professor in Film and lead director for the Centre for Film, Television and Screen Studies at Bangor University has co-authored a new book published by Faber & Faber on the legendary American filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick.

“The book grows out of years of intensive research that began when I started teaching Kubrick at Bangor University in 2007. It discusses not only the making of his films, but also those he wanted but failed to make like Burning Secret, Napoleon, Aryan Papers, and A.I. We also uncover what Kubrick was doing when he was not making films.
“This biography will puncture a few myths about this allegedly reclusive filmmaker, who created some of the most important works of art of the twentieth century. The book will be invaluable not only to my students at Bangor, but students, fans, critics and scholars not just interested in Stanley Kubrick but also anyone interested in a giant of 20th- century filmmaking.”
Professor Nathan Abrams ,  School of Arts, Culture and Language, Bangor University

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