Primary Care and Cancer


  1. Timely and earlier stage diagnosis
  2. Cancer survivorship
  3. Palliative care
  4. Human papillomavirus


  1. Lead for Wales on International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership Modules 3 & 4
  2. Membership of International Consensus Working Group on methods for early diagnosis research
  3. Founding member of Cancer & Primary Care International Research Network


  1. Chair of NCRI Primary Care Clinical Studies Group
  2. Collaborations with Universities of Aarhus, Bangor, Birmingham, Bristol, Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Oxford, Peninsula


  1. Department of Health, Welsh Assembly Government, Cancer Research UK, National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative, Marie Curie, Tenovus, BMA

Timely and earlier stage diagnosis

  1. El CID: A clinical trial looking at the effect on lung cancer diagnosis of earlier CXR to smokers with chest symptoms
  2. Time to diagnosis in cancer: does it have an effect on clinical and psychological outcomes? Systematic review
  3. Time to diagnosis from presentation with suspicious symptoms and its association with stage at diagnosis in cancer
  4. Diagnosis Earlier Looking at Your Symptoms – development of a patient-centred tool to measure diagnostic delays
  5. The risk of a cancer diagnosis after herpes zoster
  6. Significant events audit of lung cancer in primary care
  7. A systematic review of risks of cancer posed by symptoms reported to primary care
  8. Optimising diagnosis of symptomatic cancer (DISCOVERY)
  9. Population survey of awareness and beliefs about cancer in Wales

Cancer survivorship

  1. Follow-up of cancers in primary care versus secondary care: systematic review
  2. What is the optimal role for primary care in the follow-up of patients with prostate cancer?
  3. What is the optimal role for primary care in the management and follow-up of patients with lung cancer?
  4. Antidepressant prescribing for lung cancer patients in primary care: systematic review and database analysis

Palliative care

  1. INPIC – systematic review of cordotomy  for cancer pain

Human papillomavirus

  1. Development and evaluation of a set of core human papillomavirus (HPV) messages to promote informed choice for both tests and vaccines for use in primary care and broader UK settings