Annie Hendry


Research Project Support Officer

Research Overview

Annie is a full time PhD student working on the NISCHR funded project titled ‘Why do some smokers, and those diagnosed with lung cancer, delay, or avoid, presenting symptoms to their GP because of factors associated with smoking? Systematic review, face to face interviews, and focus group study’. The project is a qualitative study examining sociological reasons for delay in presentation in smokers and focussing on how understanding these reasons may help improve patient’s experiences and outcomes.

Annie has held a research project support officer position at NWCPCR in the past and has assisted on several systematic reviews. Her most recent work includes ABC-DEEP; an update of the previous CRUK funded systematic review ‘Time to Diagnosis in symptomatic cancer: does it have an effect on clinical and psychological outcomes’ and the Tenovus funded project ‘Final development and field testing of scripts for use in consultations for human papillomavirus (HPV) tested women in the National Cervical Screening Programme

Annie has an MA in sociology from the University of Edinburgh.

Research Interests

  • Qualitative research
  • Community and social networks
  • Health and society


Neal RD, Tharmanathan P, France B, Din NU, Cotton S, Fallon-Ferguson J, Hamilton W, Hendry A, Hendry M, Lewis R, Macleod U, Mitchell ED, Pickett M, Rai T, Shaw K, Stuart N, Tørring ML, Wilkinson C, Williams B, Williams N, Emery J. Is increased time to diagnosis and treatment in symptomatic cancer associated with poorer outcomes? Systematic review. British Journal of Cancer (2015); 1-16; doi: 10.1038/bjc.2015.48