Dr Jessica Roberts

Research Project Support Officer

Research Overview

Jessica is a Research Project Support Officer currently working on the Fracture in the Elderly Multidisciplinary (FEMuR) study. This project aims to develop and deliver an improved rehabilitation package for people living in North Wales who are over the age of 65 and experience a hip fracture. She is also currently a project supervisor for the BMedSci degree course.

Before joining the North Wales Centre for Primary Care Research, Jessica worked as a Research Associate in the School of Dentistry at Cardiff University, where she also completed her PhD in oral microbiology and antimicrobial development. In addition to her work in this area she also developed an interest in public health research and was involved in a number of small projects at the School of Dentistry. During this time Jessica’s roles also included teaching on both the undergraduate course and Clinical Dentistry MSc, as well as supervising PhD students and undergraduate dissertations. She is also regularly invited to peer-review articles for various journals.



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