Course Structure

Here at the School of Welsh, we use a variety of teaching methods including lectures, seminars, tutorials and some practicle sessions.


A large number of students come together to attend a lecture, while 6 to 8 students attend a seminar. Therefore the atmosphere in the seminars are less formal than in a lecture. Modules such as Yr Iaith ar Waith in the first year and Ymarfer Ysgrifennu during the second and third years are taught in seminars. A tutorial is a one on one meeting between you and your tutor, usually to discuss an essay or another piece of work.


With all the modules on offer, it is important that you do some background reading. Assessment methods for modules range from practical work, essays, course work or formal examination.

All the degrees offered in Bangor are modular degrees so all students are expected to study 12 modules a year. In the School of Welsh we offer single and double modules. The academic year is split into 2 semesters of 15 weeks each. After 12 weeks of learning, the semester come to an end with a period of 3 weeks for assessment and examinations.A single module consists of 2 hours of lectures a week for one semester and a two and a half hour examination at the end. A double module usually consits of 2 hours of lectures a week, a 4,000 word essay, and a one and a half examination at the end.

We make sure that you get an average of 12 hours of lectures, seminars and tutorials a week, giving you enough time to set aside for reading, preparing for tasks and revising for examinations.

The biggest advantage of the modular system is that your degree does not depend on one intense period of examination at the end of the third year. Instead the work will be evenly distibuted over the last two years of your degree course.