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Mature Students

Some of our best students in the past few years have been mature students. As the term “Mature Students” refers to anyone over the age of 21, the category is a very ample one.

You could have left school after your GCSEs or A Levels and followed a different path but now wish to come back into higher education in your twenties. Or you could be in your thirties or forties and want a change in career. Or you could also be in your fifties or retired and want to follow your dream of studying a degree in Welsh.

No matter how unconventional your background is in your opinion, how many formal education qualifications you have or how long it’s been since you were in an educational environment, we want to hear from you.

If you are interested in studying at the School of Welsh as a mature student, the best thing for you to do is contact us before you make a formal application, so that we can discuss the different options. If we then accept your formal application, you will probably be invited to attend an interview to discuss further. As long as you can convince us in the interview that you will be able to cope with the work load, we will be happy to offer you a place.