Mature students profiles

Janice Jones - Doctorate

Janice Jones, 46 from Bangor is studying a Doctorate in Welsh Literature by women, since the end of the Second World War.

Image of Janice Jones

"The School of Welsh is a very successful school within the University. The staff are very enthusiastic and friendly...

"As a mature student I have to say that studying for my first degree was a mixed experience. It was very difficult at first seeing as I was entering full time education once again after all these years and it wasn’t easy to stay on top of the academic work as well as my responsibilities at home. But the feeling of accomplishment is amazing."

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Megan Lloyd Williams – Welsh with Creative Writing

Delwedd o MeganMegan Lloyd Williams, from Cwmystradllyn is studying Welsh with Creative Writing

" My daughter was a student at the School of Welsh in Bangor between 1993 and 1996 and we were delighted with the friendliness and the commitment of the staff at that time. I knew that she had thoroughly enjoyed her course and valued the education she received there. I’m also aware of the respect and admiration that employers and inspectors throughout Wales and beyond have for staff and graduates from the School of Welsh at Bangor.

" I can assure you, all you mature students out there, and this is definitely the best place to study and the best place to make you feel young again!"

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