Designated Areas

In addition to our award winning accommodation, we have the following additional designated areas for those students who have specific requirements.

Quiet Accommodation

Each year we designate some flats for students who prefer a quieter environment. We will indicate to all residents in these flats that we expect a quieter environment, but all residents should appreciate that no form of communal living is entirely silent and it is very difficult to define ‘quiet’. It may be noisier than living in your own home. In addition, it is not always possible to regulate the amount of noise coming from other areas of the hall and outside the hall, which may be beyond our control.

There is limited availability for these flats and we cannot guarantee their availability at your time of application.

Please note that we operate a zero tolerance to noise policy during the exam periods, in all halls.

Alcohol-free areas

If you wish to apply for this type of accommodation, you can do so by selecting alcohol-free flat when you sort your options on the booking page.
If you accept your offer of alcohol-free accommodation, you agree not to consume or store alcohol within the flat, which includes your bedroom.

Alcohol-free flats are for students who choose to live in them - students will not be placed in an alcohol-free flat without prior notification. Please note that there is limited availability for these flats and we cannot guarantee their availability at your time of application.

Health and Care Sciences Area

The University will guarantee you a room if you make your application by 31 July and will be studying at our Bangor campus. Nursing and Midwifery students are required to remain in residence during summer 2020. For this reason, there is only one Hall of Residence where you can make an application, which is Borth N block.

However, if you would prefer to live in a hall in Bangor with other students, please contact us directly and we will book a room for you in a different hall to Borth. Please note that you would be required to move out of that hall at the end of the contract and either move into Borth for the remainder of the summer vacation or move back home.

Welsh Speakers

Neuadd JMJ is primarily for Welsh speaking and Welsh learning undergraduate students.

Nursing Students and Radiography Students studying in Wrexham

The University has a number of rooms in Snowdon Hall in Wrexham. The rooms are arranged in flats of 6 rooms with a shared kitchen. All the rooms have an en-suite shower room. Students should provide their own bedding, towels, pots, pans, cutlery and crockery. Connection to the Internet can be arranged with the Hall Manager.

Unfortunately, due to a limited number of rooms, we are unable to guarantee a place in accommodation at our Wrexham campus.

Mature and Postgraduate Areas

Mature Students are defined as any student aged 21 or over at the start of their studies. Please call us if you would like to live in a room in a postgraduate hall or in our quiet hall.

Postgraduate area - We offer a number of rooms for postgraduate students in our specific postgraduate halls, including luxury studios, en-suite bedrooms and townhouses, which have rooms with shared bathroom facilities. Full-time postgraduate applicants who have accepted an offer (which may be conditional) to study at the University, will be contacted by e-mail once the booking system is open. Once you receive the email, you can apply on-line.

Female only flats

In some halls we offer female only accommodation. Please note that only females will be allowed to live in the flat. Residents should understand that they are permitted to have male visitors, though we would expect that they advise the rest of the flat as a matter of courtesy if a male visitor is staying overnight. There will also be visits to the flats by male members of the Halls Team, Mentor Team, Campus Life team, Maintenance staff and Domestic staff.

If an entirely single sex environment is particularly important to you for cultural reasons it is unlikely that we can provide this in a Halls environment.

Returning Students Areas

Returning Students are 2nd, 3rd or 4th year students. They are able to live in returner only halls, where you can book with friends and choose your room. We usually open applications from November and have great loyalty offers available. Therefore, you can choose to live with us for the duration of your degree course, if you so wish.

You will be eligible for the frozen fees and no pre-payment deal, if you book with us before the end of January. In addition, there will be other loyalty offers – details to be confirmed nearer to the time of application.