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In Bangor...

An on-going multi-million pound investment programme has already resulted in new student residences at St Mary's Village, the redevelopment of the Canolfan Brailsford sport centre and the opening of the Pontio Arts and Innovation centre.

Pontio is a centre for innovation in science, technology and the creative arts. In addition to being a home for our Students' Union, it includes a theatre, cinema, lecture theatres, exhibition spaces, bar and cafes.

Bangor connects you to the most beautiful places in North Wales. It gives you something healthy and affordable to do during your free time. You will never get bored or tired of the sights.

Shawn Hiew
Psychology with Neuropsychology

Around Bangor...


Anglesey is one of the most popular destinations in North Wales and because it’s an island there’s the added bonus of never being too far from the sea. When the sun is shining, get your friends together and explore Anglesey's many beaches and miles of beautiful coastline.

Anglesey is also your gateway to Ireland and regular ferries run from Holyhead to Dublin, with the journey taking around two hours.

Snowdonia National Park...

The Snowdonia National Park's 25 miles of mountains, lakes and rivers offer plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Walking, climbing, kyaking and canoeing are just some of the sports that can be enjoyed in the park.

Many of the University's sports clubs organise regular trips to Snowdonia - you can find out more about the University's Clubs and Societies on the Students' Union's website and Facebook page.