Annual Lecture

The first Annual Archives and Special Collections Lecture was delivered by Professor Owen Dudley Edwards in October 2011.

On that day, a precedent was set and since then we have succeeded in delivering a varied and colourful programme of public lectures that appeals to University members and external users alike.

Traditionally, the Archivist has invited speakers who have spent a substantial period of time researching a particular subject at the Archives and Special Collections or who specialise in a subject area of relevance to the department.

The Annual Lecture for 2018 will be given by Prof. Vivien Gardner of the University of Manchester, on the subject of the 5th Marquess of Anglesey. The lecture will be held on the 24th of October 2018 at the Main Arts Lecture Theatre (MALT) at 5.30pm

This lecture will be given in English.

Here is a list of former lectures




Professor Owen Dudley Edwards

Rex versus Sir Roger Casement - The Last Hero

16 October 2011

Professor Derec Llwyd Morgan

Thomas Parry a Choleg Bangor

17 October 2012

Dr Rowan Williams

R.S.Thomas, Christianity & Buddhism

11 December 2013

Sir Deian Hopkin

Memory and History : Remembering the First World War in Wales

12 November 2014

Professor Bill Jones 'Garibaldi', 'Dyn y Bala' ac 'Apostol Mawr Patagonia' : Y Wladfa a'r Wasg Gymreig yn ail hanner y bedwaredd ganrif ar bymtheg 4 November 2015
Dr Marian Gwyn The Pennants of Penrhyn in Jamaica : Power, profit and people 2 November 2016
Huw Edwards Duw a'r Ginshop: hanes cynnar capeli Cymraeg Llundain 24 November 2017