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The Archive of the Month feature raises awareness amongst students and staff about the variety of material that we hold. In particular, the old Bangor photographs appear to spark a lot of interest and debate on the University’s Facebook pages.

Every month, an item is selected to be showcased. The item is scanned and a short piece of text written about its history.

March 2017

Menu of a St. David's Day Lunch at the British Hotel, Bangor, 1921

For many years it was customary for the great and the good of the University to celebrate St David’s Day with a spectacular dinner.

Here is the menu for the feast held in 1921 at the British Hotel. Amongst the guests were Sir John Morris-Jones and his wife, the Rev. Thomas Shankland, Lewis Valentine and Major Wheldon.


On the menu were :

Leek soup (cawl cenin)

Warm salmon (eog brwd)

Rib of beef (ais eidion)

Roast leg of mutton (cluniau dafad rhost)

Jelly (ceulfwyd)

Cheese and biscuits (caws ac afrlladennau)

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