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This year, we continue with our Archive of the Month feature by highlighting interesting items from our collections that make us different from other institutions throughout Wales.

Occasionally, during 2020-2021, items of relevance to the theme "Outdoors" will be picked in order to reinforce the strengths of the Archives and Special Collections when it comes to adventure, sports, landscapes etc.

January 2020


Drawing of Plas Gwyn Llanedwen

This drawing of Plas Gwyn, Llanedwen, Anglesey can be found in a sale catalogue dated 10 July 1856.

The sale was held at the Penrhyn Arms in Bangor and along with Plas Gwyn and the farms known as Llwynon, Llwynogan and Llwynogan Fawr, the lands of the Ysgubor Fawr estate in the parish of Llanidan were also for sale.

Plas Gwyn was the home of the antiquarian, Henry Rowlands (1655-1723), rector of Llanidan and author of Mona Antiqua Restaurata.

Some research has revealed that Plas Gwyn is now known as Plas Llwyn-Onn. Possibly a beneficial change of name since Plas Gwyn is a common name in Anglesey e.g. Plas Gwyn in  Pentraeth, Plas Gwyn in Cerrigceinwen, Plas Gwyn in Llanfaelog and Plas Gwyn in Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf!

Sale Catalogue No. 19

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