How the project can help you

The Bangor Pontifical Project aims to disseminate knowledge of a unique Bangor resource to the world. Among the groups who will benefit from this are scholars working on many different aspects of the medieval period: liturgy, plainchant, book history, illuminated manuscripts, medieval Wales, the church, ecclesiastical authority and social structures. The website will also be of enormous value to teachers of palaeography and the history of music, art and the church, making possible the use of interactive tasks to enhance the learning process and enliven the discoveries made by their students. At a local level the digitised Pontifical will become more available for use in the College of Arts and Humanities Graduate School for training postgraduates in the skills of palaeography, codicology, liturgy and Latin, and it will be on permanent digital display for visitors to the Cathedral. Links to the website will be featured on the web pages of Bangor Cathedral, the Church in Wales, and the National Library of Wales. Above all, the digitised Bangor Pontifical will make one of the treasures of the Cathedral and University available to anyone who wishes to see it, regardless of their location or academic standing.