Digital images

We apologise for the temporary problem with viewing the manuscript images via the Bangor site. However, it is still very easy to see them at

Go to this site and click the ‘Register’ button in the top right corner.

Once registered, click ‘Advanced search’, scroll down to ‘City’ in box 1, type in ‘Bangor’ in box 2; then click ‘Search’.

Click on the icon to the right of the words ‘Bangor Pontifical’, then the Image List tab, and all the images will appear.


The digital images below appear by courtesy of the Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (DIAMM).

Front binding

Front flyleaf i        Front flyleaf i verso
Front flyleaf ii       Front flyleaf ii verso

f. 1                       f. 1v
f. 2                       f. 2v
f. 3                       f. 3v
f. 4                       f. 4v
f. 5                       f. 5v
f. 6                       f. 6v
f. 7                       f. 7v
f. 8                       f. 8v
f. 9                       f. 9v
f.10                      f.10v

f.11                      f.11v

f.12                      f.12v

f.13                      f.13v

f.14                      f.14v

f.15                      f.15v

f.16                      f.16v

f.17                      f.17v

f.18                      f.18v

f.19                      f.19v

f.20                      f.20v

f.21                      f.21v

f.22                      f.22v

f.23                      f.23v

f.24                      f.24v

f.25                      f.25v

f.26                      f.26v

f.27                      f.27v

f.28                      f.28v

f.29                      f.29v

f.30                      f.30v

f.31                      f.31v

f.32                      f.32v

f.33                      f.33v

f.34                      f.34v

f.35                      f.35v

f.36                      f.36v

f.37                      f.37v

f.38                      f.38v

f.39                      f.39v

f.40                      f.40v

f.41                      f.41v

f.42                      f.42v

f.43                      f.43v

f.44                      f.44v

f.45                      f.45v

f.46                      f.46v

f.47                      f.47v

f.48                      f.48v

f.49                      f.49v

f.50                      f.50v

f.51                      f.51v

f.52                      f.52v

f.53                      f.53v

f.54                      f.54v

f.55                      f.55v

f.56                      f.56v

f.57                      f.57v

f.58                      f.58v

f.59                      f.59v

f.60                      f.60v

f.61                      f.61v

f.62                      f.62v

f.63                      f.63v

f.64                      f.64v

f.65                      f.65v

f.66                      f.66v

f.67                      f.67v

f.68                      f.68v

f.69                      f.69v

f.70                      f.70v

f.71                      f.71v

f.72                      f.72v

f.73                      f.73v

f.74                      f.74v

f.75                      f.75v

f.76                      f.76v

f.77                      f.77v

f.78                      f.78v

f.79                      f.79v

f.80                      f.80v

f.81                      f.81v

f.82                      f.82v

f.83                      f.83v

f.84                      f.84v

f.85                      f.85v

f.86                      f.86v

f.87                      f.87v

f.88                      f.88v

f.89                      f.89v

f.90                      f.90v

f.91                      f.91v

f.92                      f.92v

f.93                      f.93v

f.94                      f.94v

f.95                      f.95v

f.96                      f.96v

f.97                      f.97v

f.98                      f.98v

f.99                      f.99v

f.100                    f.100v

f.101                    f.101v

f.102                    f.102v

f.103                    f.103v

f.104                    f.104v

f.105                    f.105v

f.106                    f.106v

f.107                    f.107v

f.108                    f.108v

f.109                    f.109v

f.110                    f.110v

f.111                    f.111v

f.112                    f.112v

f.113                    f.113v

f.114                    f.114v

f.115                    f.115v

f.116                    f.116v

f.117                    f.117v

f.118                    f.118v

f.119                    f.119v

f.120                    f.120v

f.121                    f.121v

f.122                    f.122v

f.123                    f.123v

f.124                    f.124v

f.125                    f.125v

f.126                    f.126v

f.127                    f.127v

f.128                    f.128v

f.129                    f.129v

f.130                    f.130v

f.131                    f.131v

f.132                    f.132v

f.133                    f.133v

f.134                    f.134v

f.135                    f.135v

f.136                    f.136v

f.137                    f.137v

f.138                    f.138v

f.139                    f.139v

f.140                    f.140v

f.141                    f.141v

f.142                    f.142v

f.143                    f.143v

f.144                    f.144v

f.145                    f.145v

f.146                    f.146v

f.147                    f.147v

f.148                    f.148v

f.149                    f.149v

f.150                    f.150v

f.151                    f.151v

f.152                    f.152v

f.153                    f.153v

f.154                    f.154v

f.155                    f.155v

f.156                    f.156v

f.157                    f.157v

f.158                    f.158v

f.159                    f.159v

f.160                    f.160v

f.161                    f.161v

f.162                    f.162v

f.163                    f.163v

f.164                    f.164v

f.165                    f.165v

f.166                    f.166v

f.167                    f.167v

f.168                    f.168v

Rear flyleaf i         Rear flyleaf i verso

Rear binding                    

Binding inner face  Binding outer face



Four images from the Pontifical may also be viewed here at the Gathering the Jewels website for Welsh heritage and culture, which features over 30,000 images of objects, books, letters, aerial photographs and other items from museums, archives and libraries throughout Wales.