How to Apply

If you would like to speak to one of the team or need more support fill in the request form found here

Bangor University International College Brochure

Bangor University International College Term Dates

International Year Zero (IYZ)
September 2019 23/09/2019
January 2020 06/01/2020
International Year One (IY1)
September 2019 23/09/2019
January 2020 06/01/2020
Pre-Sessional Start Dates (IYZ + IY1)
September 2019 +12 Weeks 24/06/2019
September 2019 +6 Weeks 05/08/2019
January 2020 +12 Weeks 23/09/2019
January 2020 +6 Weeks 04/11/2019
International Incorporated Masters (IIM) 1 Term**
July 2019 01/07/2019
September 2019 23/09/2019
April 2020 06/04/2020
June 2020 29/06/2020
International Incorporated Masters (IIM) 2 Terms
July 2019 01/07/2019
Pre-Sessional +12 Weeks 08/04/2019
Pre-Sessional +6 Weeks 20/05/2019
January 2020 06/01/2020
Pre-Sessional +12 Weeks 23/09/2019
Pre-Sessional +6 Weeks 04/11/2019
April 2020 06/04/2020
Pre-Sessional +12 Weeks 06/01/2020
Pre-Sessional +6 Weeks 17/02/2020
June 2020 29/06/2020
Pre-Sessional +12 Weeks 06/04/2020
Pre-Sessional +6 Weeks 18/05/2020

*No longer available
**No Pre-Sessional English available for IIM 1 Term option

To apply by email or post

Bangor University International College Brochure

Please complete our Application form and send your completed application to one of the email or postal addresses below. An application form is also attached to our Bangor University International College Brochure. Your application will need to include copies of all relevant academic transcripts and certificates of English language qualifications.

Please be aware that in order to be considered for entry onto the courses at Bangor University International College (BUIC), your personal details will need to be shared with both BUIC and OIEG Admissions Team under the terms of Bangor University’s Agreement with the Oxford International Education Group.


Bangor University International College
Pathways Admissions Team
Oxford International Head Office
259 Greenwich High Road
SE10 8NB

To apply through your local representative

Complete the application form and return it to your local representative.

For further information on whether you are eligible to apply, please see the BUIC entry requirements here.