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Welsh Language Policy and Welsh Language Standards: Quick guide

Academic Planning
  • Welsh medium provision is a central part of the University’s Teaching and Learning Strategy and of the planning work of each College and School.
  • Proposals for new courses and module will consider the appropriateness of providing the course or module in Welsh

Submitting Assessments
  • Regardless of the language of teaching on a module, all students have the right to submit all written work and examinations in Welsh.
  • Students are also able to use the simultaneous translation services to do presentations in Welsh.
  • Arranging for students’ work to be translated is the responsibility of the module coordinator. Advice can be sought from the Translation Unit / 2038) and the procedure to be followed is outlined in the Regulations for Taught Programmes (6.5 Submitting Work in Welsh).

Support for Students
  • All Welsh speaking students should be allocated a Welsh-speaking personal tutor.
  • All University support services are available to students in Welsh.
  • Students have the right to use Welsh in meetings

Support for Staff
  • Staff can access all University services in Welsh.
  • Staff can access Welsh language tuition free of charge and during working hours.
  • Staff are encouraged to use Welsh at work and to develop their Welsh language skills.

  • All University ‘services’ must be available to students, staff and the public in Wales in Welsh.
  • Services will be of the same quality in Welsh and in English by being equally visible, equally easy to use and equally effective.
  • This applies to services provided:

Publications, Forms, Documents
  • University publications, forms and documents aimed at students and the public in Wales will be bilingual.
  • The English version of publications should explicitly state that a Welsh version is available (Mae’r ddogfen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg / This form is also available in Welsh).

Website and Social Media
  • The University website and apps that contain information for students and the public will be bilingual. (Websites detailing research projects do not need to be bilingual).
  • Corporate and departmental social media accounts will be bilingual.

Marketing Campaigns
  • All marketing campaigns run in Wales must be bilingual.

Organising Events
  • Those responsible for organising events (e.g. Open Days, Concerts Public Lectures and Public Conferences ) ) must ensure that the ‘services’ available (including signage) are bilingual. Welsh-speaking staff should be at hand to offer assistance. Welsh speaking staff are encouraged to wear ‘Iaith Gwaith’ orange badges to help identify them. /li>

Research Projects in Wales
  • All communications relating research projects run in Wales must be bilingual (or in the individual’s language of choice).

  • Any public information signs (including temporary signs) in any location in Wales for which the University is responsible will be bilingual.

Responsibility of Managers
  • Deans, Heads of Schools and Heads of Services are responsible for the implementation of the Welsh Language Policy within their area of responsibility.
  • Managers are responsible for the compliance of third parties with the policy. If the third party will be delivering ‘a service’ as defined by the Standards, Welsh language requirements must be included in the tendering specifications. Advice can be sought from Head of Procurement and Canolfan Bedwyr.
  • Managers must adhere to the Code of Practice on Appointing Staff in Accordance with the Welsh Language Standards
  • Managers must promote the use of Welsh within their departments by, for example:
    • Making students aware of their rights to use Welsh
    • Allowing staff to learn Welsh during working hours
    • Sending bilingual departmental emails
    • Ensuring Welsh is used in departmental meetings
  • All Colleges must have a Welsh Medium Representative on its Executive. Each School must have a Welsh Medium representative from amongst its lecturing staff. Each service department / College should identify an individual to be responsible for facilitating the use of Welsh in the department and overseeing compliance with the Welsh Language Standards.