2016-17 Translation in Context Annual Lecture: An Introduction to the Study of Wikipedia Translation

This year’s Annual Lecture in Translation, organised by the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, was delivered by Dr. Mark Shuttleworth from University College London (UCL). The lecture attracted a large audience, including undergraduate and postgraduate students, members of the general public and staff members. Dr. Shuttleworth provided an inspiring talk on the ‘place of translation’ in Wikipedia, arguably the world’s most widely used encyclopaedia.

Wikipedia exists in nearly 300 different language versions, and the audience present gained a fascinating insight into the huge amount of information that Wikipedia also makes available through the medium of translation. Wikipedia is a prime example of new ways of collaboration and information sharing on the Internet, and Wikipedia translation can be regarded as a special case of crowdsourced translation, or indeed collaborative translation. Dr Shuttleworth’s lecture and the ensuing discussion provided thought-provoking and stimulating insights both for students and staff members.

Dr Shuttleworth has been at the forefront of translation research and teaching since the early 1990s, and his key publication includes the Dictionary of Translation Studies, which was translated into Chinese in 2005. It is one of the landmark publications in the field of Translation Studies, with the second edition currently in the making. Dr Shuttleworth’s key research areas are metaphor in translation (especially in science and musicology), translator training and e-learning, and translation technology (machine translation, translation memories, localisation, crowdsourced translation).



Publication date: 7 December 2016