A fantastic opportunity for A-level Welsh students

A three-day Course for First-Language Welsh students (19-21 November 2018) and Second-Language Welsh students (21-23 November 2018)

Glan-llyn’s three-day courses for AS- and A-level students in Welsh are now an established part of the school calendar. This is a fantastic opportunity for both first- and second-language Welsh students to come together and profit from a wide range of discussions and activities based around their AS- and A-level courses. Once again, you will have the chance to listen to some of Wales’ foremost writers, poets and academics.

This year, for the tenth year in succession, the Urdd has co-organised these courses with the School of Welsh at Bangor University and each year the response has been overwhelmingly positive. This year will be no exception, and we are confident that the courses will succeed in inspiring pupils and teachers alike.

The course for first-language students will take place on 19–21 November. Details can be found below. As you will see, the course incorporates all the main elements of the AS/A-level curriculum, as well as further activities.

The course for students of Welsh as a second language will be held on 21-23 November, and further details about the exciting activities on offer can be found below. In addition to workshops, lectures and live performances, the students will also have the chance to take advantage of the open air facilities.

As the background letter below explains, you will need to enrol through your school or college by 29 October, 2018.

Glan-llyn awaits your arrival – come and join us to learn, to socialise and to enjoy!

Further information here.

Publication date: 25 October 2018