Applied Research in Criminology: undergraduate student internship won for the fourth year

Criminology student Catherine Suddaby will support a research group led by Professor Stefan Machura studying perceptions of crime among students and police officers, having secured a paid internship through Bangor University.

The project forms the centrepiece of the postgraduate ‘Applied Research in Criminology’ module. Over 150 hours, Catherine, a 3rd year Criminology & Criminal Justice student, will take part in sampling and statistical analysis of data, as well as writing up a research report. The latter will form the basis of an article submission to an academic journal.

This is the fourth consecutive year in which Professor Machura has secured a paid internship position through the university’s Undergraduate Internship Scheme. Previous research projects to which interns have contributed have focused on the use of the Welsh language; trust in institutions and, especially, the police; and on driving under the influence. The internship offers undergraduates a unique insight into the practice of empirical research.

Publication date: 6 February 2017