Arthritis Care and Research (ACR)

SHES staff have provided three out of 18 accepted articles in a special edition of the ACR on 'Muslce and bone in the Rheumatic Diseases'. The three papers are:

  • Are the Benefits of a High-Intensity Progressive Resistance Training Program Sustained in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patents? by Andy Lemmey, Jeremy Jones, Samuele Marcora, Peter Maddison and Sarah Williams.
  • Matched-cohort Study of Body Composition, Physical Function and Quality of Life in men with Idiopathic Vertebral Fracture authors include Jamie Macdonald and ex PhD student Sally Wilson.
  • Adverse Changes in Tendon-Muscle Phsiology and Physical Funtion Cased by an Isolated Acute Reumatoid Knee Effusion by ex PhD student Verena Matschke, Jeanette Thom, Andy Lemmey, Peter Maddison and Jeremy Jones.

Publication date: 12 December 2011