Bangor Business School to host visiting researcher from Deakin University, Australia

Bangor Business School is to welcome a visiting researcher from Australia’s Deakin University in September.

Professor Monica Keneley of the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance at Deakin University, Victoria, will visit Bangor between 9th and 21st September to work on a joint research project with Bangor’s Professor Bernardo Batiz-Lazo. The pair will work on a cross-country study of the demutualization of building societies.

On Friday 13th September, Prof. Keneley will deliver a seminar on ‘The Decision to Demutualize: An Analysis of the Pressures for Change within the Australian Life Insurance Market’. An abstract follows:

“In many Western economies, the last decades of the twentieth century were marked by a reshaping of the financial landscape. This realignment, encouraged by the changing environment within which financial institutions operated, led to a reassessment of corporate forms of business. Part of this process has involved the demutualisation of co-operative organisations that had played a fundamental role in the early development of financial markets. Whilst a number of studies have analysed demutualisation in various markets there are very few case studies of specific firms that consider the process at a micro level. It is at this level that a deeper understanding of the cultural and organisational shift from one form of governance to another can be gained. The aim of this paper is to analyse the pressures for organisational change encountered by Australian mutual life insurers. Such an approach provides a number of insights into the way in which firms adjust to changes in regulatory and competitive environments.”

Publication date: 8 May 2013