Bangor ERP Summer School 2016

The School of Psychology at Bangor University invites applications to the Bangor ERP Summer School 2016, to be held 26th June – 1st July 2016. The ERP Summer School will continue our tradition of successful and popular Summer Schools at the School of Psychology, like the PENS WICN Summer School “The Neuroscience of Memory: Methods and Concepts to Investigate our Internal Representation of the World” in 2008, the 50th Anniversary ERP Summer School “Brainwaves and the Human Mind” 2013, and the annual “Visceral Mind Summer School” held since 2010. 

Attendees will learn how to conduct, analyse, and interpret event-related potential studies in hands-on ERP analysis sessions using Vision Analyser, which will be complemented by a series of topical lectures. The emphasis will be on the analysis of event-related potentials such as treatment of artefacts and eye movements, filtering, segmentation, averaging, and data measurements.

This summer school is designed for beginning ERP researchers with some experience with ERPs. An intimate learning experience will be provided by a high lecturer-to-student ratio.

The School of Psychology is acknowledged for its excellence in research and teaching. The Summer School will be taught by researchers from the EEG/ERP group.

Course fee

£320 (+ £170 B&B if required)

The course fee will include tuition, welcome reception, coffee breaks, and the conference dinner.

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Publication date: 22 February 2016