Bangor University Law School Staff member wins a prestigious Leadership Bursary

Gary Clifford, Director of the Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies (ICPS) at Bangor Law School, has been awarded a Leadership Bursary by Academi Wales, a public service centre for leadership excellence. He was chosen after a highly competitive selection process and over the next six months will take part in Academi’s world leading skills development programme.

The Academi Wales panel asked Gary to address the following question: “What are the key leadership issues facing you and your role and why should we give you this bursary?”. Gary was able to provide a compelling discussion about how the Institute is continually influencing political actors to reform public procurement practices and at the same time helping Welsh SMEs win those elusive contracts. Furthermore, as part of the assessment, Gary was asked to elaborate on some professional issues that affect his role. He took the opportunity to praise the integrity values and work ethic of the ICPS team and, in parallel, complement the working environment Professor Dermot Cahill has fostered within Bangor Law School – both these elements have allowed him to become an enthusiastic and driven leader.

The Academi Wales Leadership Bursary Programme is a collection of executive learning programmes at internationally renowned institutions. These are specifically chosen to help address some of the challenges faced by the people responsible for improving public service delivery. The academic institutions involved this year included:

  • Harvard John F Kennedy School of Government
  • Cranfield University School of Management
  • Saiid Business School
  • Windsor Leadership Trust
  • Ashridge Business School
  • Centre for Creative Leadership – Brussels
  • Hemsley Fraser

Applicants undergo a rigorous selection process to compete for leadership bursaries that will help meet their development needs and support the delivery of efficient and effective public services in Wales. Candidates who make it through the first stage are then invited to participate in a development panel, where they are interviewed against set criteria, are invited to discuss their professional development needs, and asked to respond to a set question. 

Academi Wales stated that there was strong competition for the 2013-14 Leadership Bursaries cycle, as individuals from 23 different Welsh organisations competed for a limited number of places. Gary was selected to receive a full bursary to cover 100% of the cost of attending the Windsor Leadership Programme, delivered through the Windsor Leadership Trust. Following the successful announcement Gary commented: “I was delighted with the news, particularly as the application took a great deal of effort and planning. I am particularly grateful to Professor Dermot Cahill, Head of Bangor Law School, Professor Andrew Davies, and Gunther Kostyra from Value Wales (Welsh Government), who all supported my application”.

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About Academi Wales

Academi Wales (formerly Public Service Management Wales) is a department of the Welsh Government developed as a response to a key programme for Government commitment: establishing a national centre for leadership excellence to support the delivery of efficient and effective public services in Wales. Academi Wales supports public and voluntary sector organisations in Wales with cutting edge leadership development interventions.

Publication date: 15 November 2013