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The Brexit chasm? Our research into science and the referendum

The chasm between ‘Leavers’ and ‘Remainers’ has been talked about at length recently, but is there really much of a difference between the two groups? And would that difference be reflected in their attitudes towards science?

The British Science Association commissioned research to find out if or how someone’s relationship with science relates to their feelings on Brexit. We also asked a series of questions about their relationship with the arts and culture, as well as their gender, income, and qualifications in science and other subjects. These pieces of information help us to build a picture of how we can best connect with our audiences.

This research is just the beginning of us trying to understand more about how people feel about science, and how we can work to make science work for everyone.

Great British Science Club

Wednesday 5 July is Great British Science Club. There will be lots of events and activities happening nationwide on this day and in the week leading up to it. The Great British Science Club, a celebration for the 30th anniversary of the CREST Awards and the creative projects which happen in science clubs around the country.                

We invite you to take part in Great British Science Club by hosting a science-themed party, run a celebration-themed science investigation or honour the achievements of your science club this year with an awards ceremony. Why not invite other students, family or community members to get involved too?

All schools in the UK are invited to take part. We are encouraging those in England and Wales to host an event on the 5 July. Schools in Scotland and Northern Ireland can also get involved by hosting events from 26 June. Join the party and tweet about your event using #CREST30.

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Publication date: 27 June 2017