EPSRC Grant Win

Professor Martin Taylor’s group in Electronic Engineering have recently won an EPSRC grant to investigate the fabrication of a new type of Charged Coupled Device, CCD. The silicon version of the device is used in the imaging systems of digital cameras as well as in other electronic systems such as the detectors in infrared spectrometers, astronomical detectors, shift registers and logic circuits. The group aims to produce a version using organic semiconductors instead of silicon. This will offer the rapidly growing Plastic Electronics industry (forecast global value of $120Bn by 2020) a range of new applications and products based on low-cost, high-speed printing processes. The proposal was ranked number 1 by the EPSRC Panel in June and the statement of 'National Importance' incorporated into the proposal is to appear on the EPSRC website as an exemplar of how to write such statements.

Publication date: 5 November 2012