Invitation to join Bangor University Doctoral Society "Doc Soc"

Calling all Postgraduate Research Students!

Following the success of the UNDEB's [PhTea] initiative โ€“ which runs every Thursday from 12-2pm โ€“ several members of the Doctoral School have decided to establish a new society dedicated to research students from across all academic schools and disciplines of Bangor University.

The objectives of the affectionately named ["Doc Soc"] are to:

  • Provide peer support for postgraduate research students
  • Organise social and academic events
  • Develop an interdisciplinary community of practice

Join 'Doc Soc' on Facebook to find out more!

Our first social event will be this Friday, come along to the Belle Vue at 6pm for an informal after-work drink!! 

In the meantime, show your face at [PhTea] this Thursday for free tea, coffee, and biscuits - courtesy of UNDEB!!!

Best wishes,

The "Doc Soc" Committee


Adina Grigorie 

Vice President 

Masoud Hassanabadi 


Andrew Wildman 


Isabel Schestak 

Social Secretaries

Shailaja Bakshi

"Doc Soc" Facebook 

PhTea Facebook


Publication date: 25 October 2017