Major grant awarded to ‘smART cities and waste’ project

Dr Alexandra Plows has been awarded an Arts and Humanities Research Council network grant worth £37,449 towards the ‘smART cities and waste’ project.

This substantial grant will enable the development of an interdisciplinary network of European artists, scientists, social scientists, policy makers and practitioners with an interest in urban waste management innovation.

The ‘smART cities and waste’ network aims to identify ways in which different disciplines can inform each others’ practice and experience, and facilitate innovation and ‘best practice’ through structured knowledge exchange, including innovative methods for public engagement.

Over the next two years, workshops will be held in four European cities: Amsterdam, Maastricht, London and Bangor. Pop-up events will also be held to enable the ‘local knowledge’ of the general public to feed into the network.

The projects’ interactive wiki website is now up and running and will act as the main communication portal for the network:

Publication date: 18 February 2016