Peter Huxley to continue as Visiting Research Fellow at LEWI

Professor Peter Huxley of the Centre for Mental Health and Society has been awarded visiting research fellow status of the David C Lam* Institute for East-West Studies (LEWI) for a further two years.

The Institute, founded in 1993, is a collaboration between 28 Universities worldwide, and is hosted by the Hong Kong Baptist University. Among the collaborators are the Universities of Amsterdam, Baylor, Lanzhou, Leeds, Lund, Ohio, Peking, Shanghai, Western Sydney and Wuhan.

The Institute operates three working groups, on Urbanisation and Mobility, Cross-cultural Studies, and Environment, Health and Sustainability. The last of these is the one Professor Huxley has been working in for the past 10 years. The working group director is Kara Chan, Professor of Communication Studies. Professor Marcus Chiu, formally of the National University of Singapore, has, together with Peter and Kara, conducted research on social inclusion of people with mental health problems, and immigrants in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Swansea. Research using the SCOPE (the Social and Community Opportunities Profile) has been undertaken in Ireland, and in the Manchester and Liverpool Chinese communities, and further research is being conducted in Brazil (Sao Paulo) and Poland. Jussara Dos Santos, a nurse from the Sao Paulo University School of Nursing, has a grant to complete work on the Brazilian version of the SCOPE, for six months this year in Bangor.

*David C Lam was the Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia, and his father Lam Tsz Fung was the founding president of the Honk Kong Baptist College (now University).

Publication date: 23 June 2017