Prof. Emily Cross at the European Research Council’s 10 Year Celebrations

Professor Emily Cross of Bangor University’s School of Psychology was invited to talk at the European Research Council’s 10 Year Celebrations Conference recently, where she shared the stage with some of Europe’s most eminent researchers.Prof Emily Cross at her Inaugural LectureProf Emily Cross at her Inaugural Lecture

Back in 2007, the European Commission established the European Research Council with the mission to encourage excellent frontier research in Europe through competitive funding, supporting top researchers across all fields and of any nationality.

Since then, the ERC has had a considerable impact on the European research landscape. In almost ten years, it has funded almost 7,000 researchers and thereby supporting more than 40,000 team members. Its support has been acknowledged in close to 100,000 international scientific journal articles.

“I was delighted to have this opportunity to share my starting grant project on social robotics at this celebration of 10 years of the European Research Council. My project aims to apply social neuroscience approaches to the study of human-robot interaction, and I spoke about the progress I’ve made since starting this work in October and what our plans are for the future. I have benefited enormously from European Union funding and support during my career both here at Bangor and at previous positions in Germany and the Netherlands, and I was particularly looking forward to expressing my gratitude for this European support, while we still have it.”

Publication date: 24 March 2017