SHES PhD Students Help Organise the Inaugural Pan-Wales Postgraduate Conference

The inaugural Pan-Wales Postgraduate Conference in Sport and Exercise Sciences, held on Friday 21st April at Swansea University's stunning Bay Campus, was a huge success. With more than fifty oral presentations, any of which would have graced a major international conference, and numerous posters, the event was a clear indication of the health of postgraduate research in sport and exercise science in Wales, as well as the tremendous research power we have collectively in our Welsh institutions.

The keynote lecture by Professor Romain Meeusen of Vrije Universiteit, Brussels was a real treat. Thanks to Gabriella Rossetti and Robin Owen, who organised things at the Bangor end, and so ably represented SSHES with their excellent presentations along with Leonie Webster, Ben Jones, Seamus Harvey and Lydia Simpson, and Shuge Zhang who came along in support.

Thanks also to our Swansea hosts for their impeccable organisation of the event. For some photos of the day, see:


Publication date: 24 April 2017