SHES Research Highlighted as Excellent

Research by Dr Stuart Beattie et al has been highlighted as an excellent example of a piece of research by the editor of the journal, Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology (SEPP).

In a recent editorial, Maria Kavussanu from the University of Birmingham’s School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences, praised the research carried out by Stuart Beattie, Tim Woodman, Fardin Fakehy and Chelsey Dempsey (2016) which aimed to resolve the controversy about the direction of the within-person relationship between self-efficacy and performance.  They found that performance feedback moderates this relationship. 

SEPP the official journal of the Society for Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology of the American Psychological Association.  Now in its sixth year of publication, SEPP is becoming the ‘journal of choice’ for many researchers to submit their work.

Publication date: 6 March 2017