Undergraduate Internship Opportunity- The PhD Experience

The Undergraduate Internship Scheme 2015/2016 is now open. This scheme will provide opportunities for undergraduate students to gain paid, graduate level work experience in the University's Academic Schools and Service Departments. All undergraduate students are invited to apply for an internship during December, and full support is provided throughout the application and interview processes. Previous experience is not essential, candidates must demonstrate your interest, potential and passion for the role as well as any transferable skills from extra and co-curricular activities.

Student participation in the scheme will be recognised in the Bangor Employability Award. Details of all internship opportunities available for undergraduate students to apply are here.

The Doctoral School offers Internship Scheme: The PhD experience. The details of this scheme can be found hereApply by Noon, Monday 14th December 2015.




Publication date: 2 December 2015