Using cognitive neuroscience to understand social brain functions

Prof Giuseppe di Pellegrino, of the University of Bologna, is visiting Bangor University for one year thanks to a grant from The Leverhulme Trust’s visiting professorship scheme. His visit will contribute to the development of the recently established social neuroscience research group in the School of Psychology at Bangor.

Social neuroscience is a discipline aimed at taking the techniques and ways of thinking from cognitive neuroscience – an area in which Bangor Psychology has world-renowned research expertise - to better understand how we survive and thrive in the highly social human world. Prof di Pellegrino’s visit will, through seminars, lectures, joint teaching, contributions to journal clubs, and research collaborations, enhance the depth and breadth of our group’s work in this emerging area.

Prof di Pellegrino has a world-leading track record in the neuropsychology of action understanding, social cognition, decision-making, and emotion. As the first author of the first published report of “mirror neurons” he helped to launch a major new field of enquiry in social neuroscience. In more recent years, he has embarked on a successful programme of neuropsychological studies of social cognition, with particular focus on morality, trust, and decision-making.

“This collaboration between Bangor and Bologna made possible by The Leverhulme Trust will undoubtedly help the social neuroscience research programme flourish into new and unexpected directions,” commented Prof. Paul Downing, Director of Research for The College of Health and Behavioural Sciences.

Publication date: 28 January 2016