Vice Chancellor’s Award for Research and Impact

Bangor University held its third annual Impact and Innovation Awards on the 3rd December 2015. These prestigious awards at Bangor University recognise and celebrate the impact that the University’s research, innovation and enterprise activities have on the wider economy and society. Many projects, which have benefited local and global communities, were recognised and rewarded.

The Impact award was a highlight among the PhD students. PhD students these days are expected to gain a wide range of skills as well as produce a piece of original research. The relatively new emphasis on ensuring that impact is made beyond the walls of the university means that, from the beginning of their research careers, they need to engage with people outside of academia, with the public, with practitioners, with businesses and other organisations.

The Doctoral School of Bangor University, rewarded some of the outstanding PhD students with the very first Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Research and Impact.

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Publication date: 15 December 2015