About Us

School of Education and Human Development

The School has established its reputation in the field of teacher training to educate students to meet the needs of schools throughout Britain.

Under the guidance of enthusiastic staff, the School provides a wide range of progressive courses leading to Bangor University honours degrees and certificates and a range of postgraduate qualifications. You can pursue courses through the medium of Welsh or English or bilingually. In the European context this bilingual expertise gives an exciting dimension to all our courses and provides students with opportunities to develop European links. The School also has well-established partnerships with Primary and Secondary Schools to provide varied and supportive training environments.

Excellence in standards and quality

The School has a friendly atmosphere and students from all regions and different backgrounds quickly settle in. We offer a lively and enriching working and social environment with unrivalled resources for your courses.

Watch: CaBan - Train to Teach in Wales and Beyond

This exciting degree with QTS qualifies you as a teacher especially equipped to teach in Wales, and is also transferable to many other countries.