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Information for Partners

The International Exchanges Office coordinates student and staff mobility under the Erasmus+ programme, including the management of inter-institutional agreements and administration of incoming and outgoing students. We also manage student study abroad and exchanges with partners in the US, Korea, Japan, Australia and China.

Requests for information from institutional partners should be directed either to the Exchanges Mailbox.

The following information provides guidance on how the exchanges are managed in Bangor:

Nominating Students

Study Abroad

Please send your nominations directly to


Please send your nominations directly to

If you wish to formally nominate a student to study with us, we will need the following details:

  1. Student's full name
  2. Student's email address
  3. The semester in which they would like to study with us
  4. Year of student
  5. Academic School
  6. Official Transcript

The current nomination deadlines for 2020/2021 are as follows:

Starting in Semester 1
Starting in Semester 2
Nomination Deadline

Nominated students will be sent an information pack and application forms (including accommodation) by email**. The pack and forms will only be sent by email and students will initially not receive any information by post. The pack contains all the required forms including the application for Accommodation, and will only be sent to officially nominated students.


Students who have been nominated are required to complete a Student Application Form which is accompanied by a Student Guidebook, Accommodation Request Form, Guide to the application process and Bangor University Map.*

The Application Form and Accommodation Form together with relevant supporting documents must be returned by the appropriate deadline as specified below:

Starting in Semester 1
Starting in Semester 2

Application Deadline

If we do not receive the student's complete application by this date we will assume that they no longer wish to continue with their application to study with us, and we will cancel the nomination.


The application form, along with the accommodation request form can be sent electronically via email; we do not need a hard copy.


We guarantee accommodation for Study Abroad exchange, and Exchange and Erasmus+ students for 2020/21. Those wishing to apply for our on-campus accommodation must do so by the deadlines specified. For those students not wishing to reside in university halls may seek assistance from Student Housing Office who will provide details of private accommodation in and around the Bangor area.

Modules & Credits

All Study Abroad, Exchange and Erasmus+ students can take a maximum of 30 ECTS credits per semester (60 Bangor Credits) and are required to study a minimum of 25 ECTS/50 Bangor Credits per semester. Exchange students studying at Bangor University for the full academic year, must take at least 50 ECTS (100 Bangor Credits).

Students are requested to use our online catalogue of modules to research their choice of modules and will be invited to register their selection before arrival.


Exchange and Erasmus+ students are required to fulfil the full assessment requirements of modules and may not request alternative assessments because of language ability. Students are required to fulfil the assessment criteria as a home student. Credit cannot be given for attendance only.


Official transcripts are produced either in March for Semester One Only Students or in August for whole Academic Year Students and Semester Two Only Students and are sent to the Partner Institution. We also send a copy of the Transcript of Records to the student if permitted by the Institution.


*The Guidebook, Application Form, Accommodation Form & Terms and Conditions and Semester dates change year to year. Please do not refer to past documents as these may be out of date. Please make sure that you are viewing the documentation for the current year.