English Language Courses

Term-Time Courses for Students

A range of English Language modules are available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled at Bangor. Depending on the degree programme, some students may take these modules as a part of the academic programme and this information can be confirmed by the course organiser of the degree programme undertaken.

Modules for 1st year undergraduate students

Modules for 2nd year undergraduate students

Modules for postgraduate students

Preparation for English Language Examinations

  • Preparatory Evening Classes for the following Certificates:
  • First Certificate in English

Cambridge Advanced English

  • Cambridge Proficiency
  • Examinations held December and June
  • Further details from ELCOS

Courses for Families of International Students

We offer a Free Second Language English Course for wives, husbands and / or partners of International Students at Bangor University.  We also welcome community students and / or staff who have the time, and who wish to improve language skills in an informal setting.

The course includes three levels:

  • Mondays:             Beginners   (L1)
  • Wednesdays:       Intermediate   (L2)
  • Thursdays:           Upper Intermediate   (L3)

All classes run from 9.30a.m. - 1.00p.m, with a break for tea and coffee at 11.00a.m., when students can chat with their friends.

The aim of the course is to help students and their families integrate into life in Bangor, Wales and the UK.  We aim to create (with your help) a space where international students and their families can meet each other, learn and share language skills and cultural experiences. Pre-school age children and babies (and school-age children during school holidays) are welcome to come along with you.  There will usually be Student Volunteers in class to look after the children.  Games and toys are provided to keep them amused while you learn! 

More information can be found here