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In-sessional Modules for overseas students

At ELCOS we recognise that students for whom English is not their first language may require on-going support with their English throughout their studies at Bangor.

We thus provide a series of modules designed to develop your skills in English for Academic Purposes (EAP), often in conjunction with academic schools.

Undergraduate Modules

These modules are for any student registered on a degree course or on exchange programmes at Bangor University. Available modules include :

For First Years:

For Second Years:

For Third Years:

These credit bearing modules are core modules on some courses and available as options on many others. Please check with your tutor that it is possible for you to attend these modules and that the lecture times do not clash with your school's modules.

To discuss the above or to register for any of these modules e-mail

Postgraduate Modules

These modules are for any student registered on a postgraduate degree course at Bangor University, whether taught or research (PGT or PGR). Available modules include :

You can take these modules one of two ways:

1. If agreed with your school, these modules may be taken as credit bearing modules which contribute to your overall course credits. If this is the case, these modules will be showing as options on your course description. If this is the case, you can choice these in the same way (with your school) as other course modules.

2. If these are not listed as available credit bearing modules in your course description, these modules may still be available to you as audit-only modules. That is, they may be taken in addition to core modules and subject specific optional modules but without assessment or credits. This option is only available at the discretion of the tutor - Please speak to the tutor on arrival at the class to see whether it’s ok for you to audit only.