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Reconnecting to the earth

I’m just coming to the end of reading an inspiring, heart opening and perspective shifting book - Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. 

Publication date: 4 September 2019

A year on! Celebrating the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice’s (CMRP) new structure

It has been a full year now since we formalised our collaboration between Bangor University’s Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) and The Mindfulness Network Charity.

Publication date: 27 August 2019

Carbon dilemmas

I recently arrived home from a teaching trip to Lithuania and Germany. The connections were rich. The newly emerging mindfulness-based teaching community in Lithuania are eager to learn, warm in their welcome and a delight to spend time with. 

Publication date: 28 May 2019

Co-leadership of CMRP

The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) is moving into a new phase! The centre’s activities now take place through Bangor University and through The Mindfulness Network charity.

Publication date: 24 October 2018

A Long View: Trish Bartley’s 20-Year Reflections

Publication date: 9 October 2018

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in the Mindfulness-Based Field

Publication date: 2 July 2018

An update from Rebecca Crane, CMRP Director

Publication date: 11 June 2018

Mentoring new mindfulness teachers: Playing with the possibility of strong back and soft front

Publication date: 12 February 2018

Deepening in Being the Teacher

Publication date: 6 February 2018

New Book Release by Sholto Radford: Walk

Publication date: 17 January 2018

Reflections on the time we are within

Publication date: 13 December 2017

Experiencing our Common Humanity

Publication date: 22 August 2017

Does Mindfulness Teacher Training Matter?

Publication date: 19 June 2017

Cultivating Resilience and Compassion in the 21st Century by Nurturing the Parents of Today

Publication date: 12 June 2017

Creating a Conference by Rebecca Crane

Publication date: 2 May 2017

Teaching Mindfulness in an Arab-Islamic Context

Publication date: 24 April 2017

Recent Papers: some backstory by Rebecca Crane

Publication date: 27 March 2017

Life Journeys, Gratitude and Serendipity by Rebecca Crane

Publication date: 13 March 2017

Cindy Cooper
6th August 1944 - 1st March 2017

Publication date: 3 March 2017

Mindful Movement – Discovering Embodied Presence

Publication date: 1 March 2017

Self-Remembering and Self-Forgetting

Publication date: 8 February 2017

Introducing the CMRP Blog

Publication date: 7 February 2017